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Deposit Contract

   Deposits secure your hold in line for a puppy. Please make sure you send in an application before submitting in a deposit contract, so we can get to know you. 


   If you place a deposit on an expected litter and you do not get the gender or color you desired, you may then choose to have your deposit refunded in full or move it to the next expected litter. Other than this, deposits are Non-Refundable. 


   If you place a deposit on a puppy, you will need to pick out exactly which puppy you are holding by the time the puppy is 5 weeks old. You may, of course, choose to pick sooner, but we require everyone to pick at 5 weeks in order to accommodate the many new parent's schedules.


   If the litter is born and you decide you do not want to choose from that litter, we can move your deposit to the next litter. 


   You may send in your deposit either by check, made out to Ayers Pampered Pets mailed to 131 Bradley Dr. Hull Ga 30646 or deliver it in person if you would like to visit. You may also call us and pay by credit card with a 3.5% service fee. The sooner you get on the waiting list the better!



Your details were sent successfully! We will get back with you ASAP!

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