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Traci Moss‎

We are in love with Nash!!!

January 13th 2016

Karen Reidinger Stewart‎

Casper in the sun. One of Dolly's pups..7years old

January 5th 2016

Ashley Brown

We love our Jax! He is from Evan/Coby's litter of Feb 2015. He's a 75 pound lovable, hyper and curious puppy!

December 31st 2015

Rebecca Davison Santel‎

Add TestimoniWe sure love our baby girl, Henley. She has been so fun to have here this Christmas. (Punkin/Coby litter, 8 months old)
al here

December 26th 2015

Jackie Hughes Brinson‎

Merry Christmas from Cotton & Autumn

December 25th 2015

Barbara Wolf LeRoux‎

Blue collar boy (Phil Sprinkles Mickelson)just got his first haircut!

Dec 20th 2015

Emily Metts Wade

The kids are in love already!! They love their early Christmas present!!! 

December 12th 2015

Rebecca Elmore

Maxine is doing great in her new home with her brother Briggs (Zoey/Archie Feb 2015). We love our Doodles. Thank you for breeding such great pups!

December 12th 2015

Janet Miller

We love Finn, can't imagine life without him. Finn almost 1 year old-Nagga/Archie Dec12th DOB

December 8th 2015

‎Geneva Rose

Merry Christmas from Libby! She's one of Korra / Spanky's pups from May 2014. We love her so much!

December 6th 2015

Kim Long

Merry Christmas!! 

December 6th 2015

Jacqueline Rogers‎

She fits right in...the boys are over the moon in love with Maggie! Thank you!! (Evan/Coby's Litter)

December 5th 2015

Jacqueline Rogers‎

Our sweet Maggie loves sitting by the front door! (Evan/Coby Litter)

December 5th 2015

Laura Golden‎

Merry Christmas! 
Scout Master Golden (Coby/Punkin Litter)

November 29th 2015

‎Jennifer Dominick Stenander‎

We love Charlotte with all of our heart! She is 11 months old and our best buddy. (Korra/Spanky's Litter)

November 29th 2015

‎Jackie Hughes Brinson

(One of Pepper/Archie) As you can see little Autumn is having a hard time adjusting. I am kidding obviously
This is our Third Puppy from Ayers and little Autumn is just as wonderful as the other Two. We are in love! Miss Cotton is adjusting well to her also


November 26th 2015

‎Randi Lane Briggs

Our girl Lola is ready for Christmas!!! She is the perfect addition to our family!!! We absolutely love our Ayers Pampered Pets puppy!!! Zoey/Archie Aug.2015 litter

November 22nd 2015

Jennifer Larson Gardner

Janet and Keith, Murphy just got a haircut and it's amazing how much longer his legs look compared to when he's shaggy. We love him so much! Thank you. (Evan/Coby Puppy)

November 21st 2015

Jennifer Larson Gardner

(From Evan/Coby) Got to spend this gorgeous sunny day with two of my favorites 

November 10th 2015

Jennifer Larson Gardner

(From Evan/Coby) Our big Teddy bear!

November 7th 2015

Kendall Swartz

Just wanted to send you a couple pictures of my baby boy Jackson- he turns 1 tomorrow! I knew I wanted a dog for a long time, but I never would have imagined the impact he would have on my life and all the happiness he would bring me. He is intelligent, loving and always smiling. He loves all people, cuddling and the beach. He has truly become my best friend. So I want to say thank you!!

November 6th 2015

Kim Long

Our RUFFeree and referee are calling all the shots!!❤🎃 Happy Halloween!

October 31st 2015

Laura Ann Collins Neas

Happy Halloween from our sweet Sadie.

October 31st 2015

Rebecca Elmore

Happy Howl-loween from me and Briggs! (Zoey/Archie Puppy)

October 31st 2015

Leah McBee

Thank you Ayers Pampered Pets for our sweet little Georgia! She is almost 4 months now and the best addition to our little family smile emoticon

October 30th 2016

Jennifer Gardner

Hi Janet and Keith! We took Murphy hiking with us this past weekend and everyone we came across couldn't get enough of him. He sure loves the attention! We couldn't be happier with our dood!

October 29th 2015

Danielle Corapi‎

Graham's first time at the beach and just over one year old!! (Zoey and Coby puppy)

October 20th 2015 - Atlanta, GA

Deana Young

Thank youf or my sweet Maggie!

October 8th 2015

DeeDee Gaines

A d*** good Goldendoodle DAWG!

September 19th 2015- North High Shoals, GA

Eleanor Clark

Scout turned ONE today. He is from the Spanky/Sydney litter! Thank you Janet and Keith!

September 18th 2015

Jennifer Stenander

Charlotte enjoyed her first trip to Starbucks! (She orders a cool water!)


September 1st 2015 - Coal Mountain, GA

Autumn Bailey

We love our pup more and more each day!! Thanks Ayers

September 1st 2015 - Kennesaw, GA

Victorie Steed

Our Kona (Kira/Coby litter from Feb. 2015) is as spoiled as they come. We love her!

August 30th 2015

Josie Lemin

Our baby Zoey got her first haircut today! Thank you Ayers Pampered Pets for such an amazing dog, we couldn't be happier! Zoey the mini goldendoodle

August 29th 2015

Gayle Glassl

Hi Janet, We love Mozzie. He is such a sweet handsome boy. He loves to chase squirrel and rabbits and take long walks. Here he is with his new ball waiting for us to play with him. Thank you so much for this beautiful dog. Gayle & Markus

August 29th 2015

David Seibert

We adopted Lulu and Coby’s Blue Collar Boy now named Tucker on Sunday Morning. He has adapted right into our family and is so smart and lovable. He already knows sit, gives 5, down, and is working on sitting up. Really has done this by himself and we have encouraged him to continue. He goes right to sleep at night in his kennel without whining and goes out once during the night when I let our senior Jack Russell out. Likes to start the night off in the bed with us, but will spend the next few weeks in the kennel at night for his safety. He already knows out and goes to the door when he has to go as well. He loves to be close and gets along great with our Jack, Mini Australian and our cat. We are so impressed with this puppy. The 1350 mile round trip to pick him up was well worth it. Thanks to Ayers for our little treasure.

August 27th 2015

Tempe Harrington Chapman

"Here is our super sweet mini golden doodle, Addie! (Benny/Millie). She turned 3 in May, and we think she is the best doodle ever! Thank you for breeding such wonderful puppies!"

May 28th 2015

Rebecca Elmore

This is Briggs (Zoey/Archie) at 14 weeks. I've taken him to my school twice, and everyone who meets him falls in love. Thank you for helping us pick the right puppy!


Roxanne Willis Tigue‎

Zoey's baby, Beckham got his first haircut today. Thank you Janet and Keith for our awesome fur baby.


05/22/15 Duluth, GA

Geneva Rose

We celebrated Libby's (Korra/Spanky pup) 1st birthday this weekend! She is such a happy and sweet girl - we love her so much. Thank you!


5/26/2015 Atlanta GA

DeeDee Beard Gaines

We couldn't imagine life without Sophie! Thanks!

05/24/15 Watkinsville, GA

Cayse Wilson‎

This is Trixxie one of Sophie and Archie's pups. She is such a loving, smart and funny dog. In this picture she is keeping her sick daddy company ☺she does lots of tricks and even does really well off leash. Anywhere we go people always say they want a dog just like Trixxie 😊

05/20/15 Oakwood, GA

Victoria Steed

We've had our little love for 3 weeks now. She is seriously the best girl! She'll only be 12 weeks tomorrow and already knows "come," "sit," "lay down," and "leave it." She's barely had any accidents (and none in her crate!), sleeps all night without whining, loves car rides, and walks nicely on a leash. What a wonderful dog you have given us!!

05/11/15 Augusta, GA

Patrick Steed

I made this pic of our Kona and three of her siblings (Capers, Lucy, Kona, and Buckley, clockwise from top left). What an amazing pup we got! Thanks so much!

05/13/15 Augusta, GA

Jennifer Vaughan

Elsa (Sydney/Spanky litter) graduated from Rookie obedience tonight. She was the fastest sit, second fastest down ( all I have to do is tap my foot), fastest come and she he'd a sit/stay for over a minute. Thank you for such a smart and beautiful pup!! We adore her.


Jackie Hughes Brinson

Happy 3rd birthday Miss.Cotton!


Michelle Gray Bowman‎

We love our sweet and well behaved 4 month old Bailey!!! (Naga/Archie)


Roxanne Willis Tigue‎

He thinks he's a tiny baby. We love our Beckham.


Gabrielle Saupe

Finn and I enjoyed a break from the rain today!

April 20th 2015

Ann Traumann Marsden‎

Here's Kira/Coby's not so little boy from the February 2015 litter at home after his first bath (darn rain) - meet Buckley.

April 19th 2015

Jennifer Larson Gardner‎

Murphy had a blast romping around with his half siblings, Indy (Kira/Coby 2013) and Ruby (Evan/Coby 2013). All three doodles have such sweet personalities! Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs :)

April 18th 2015

Victorie Steed

We have named our baby Kona. We love her!! She is so happy and sweet.

April 17th 2015

NickiFace Pinson

Hey Janet , Keith! Just a small update on chumley. He is doing wonderful. I don't know what I'd do with out him everyday in my life . he goes shopping with me ...even to my favorite restaurants . this is a picture of us with my granddaddy at his nursing home. All the elderly people love him so much! Thank you for introducing me to my best friend.

April 11th 2015

Lindsey Bell DeLaMare‎

This is Wrigley. We took her home 9 years ago. Her dad was Dantes I can't remember her mom. Wrigs is the most amazing dog (in fact she just won best in show at this fundraiser). She has the most gentle playful spirit and so wonderful with all 3 of my children. She is the perfect companion for us. Truly she is my first baby.

April 15th 2015

Judy White Sternad

This is Lexie, 6 yrs old yesterday. She's a WONDERFUL girl, always keeps us on our toes with her antics but is so loving & has a great personality. We love her to pieces...she loves climbing on her 'floatie' and floating in the lake.

Feb 3rd 2015 Norcross, GA

Jennifer Larson Gardner

Murphy is from Evan/Coby's January 2014 litter. He is full of personality and finds a friend in every animal or person he meets. He gets noticed everywhere we take him. Everyone wants to meet him and boy does he love all the attention. Murphy loves to hike, swim, go for car rides, play at the dog park and fetch balls. He was so easy to train. Thank you Ayers Pampered Pets for taking such good care of these doodles! We'll definitly be coming back for our next one ;)

Feb 2nd 2015 Atlanta, Georgia

Jennifer Little Helmly

Tucker is the sweetest, most loving dog! He has has brought our family so much happiness (Minidoodle from Maxine and Benny)

Feb 2nd 2014 Columbia, SC

Betsy Nichols‎

This is Clover from dante/Hera litter. She is 2 yrs old and so sweet!

February 1st 2015 Cinnaminson, NJ

Silvana Masias

With Jake @ Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina... He loved his first mountain experience

February 1st 2015 Charlotte, NC

Diane Gavidia

Magnolia and Clifford the Big Red Dog are Evan/Coby pups born a year ago. They love crowds, meeting new kids and grownups, and are always up for a game of fetch or a swim with other dogs. The smiles they wear make them irresistible to strangers - last time at the vet, another client asked to take a photo! Janet, thanks for raising such healthy, personable Doods. They are great ambassadors for Goldendoodles.

February 1st 2015

Gina Patrick

Franklin (Kira/Archie) is the best friend a girl could ever have. The most caring and loving soul to enter this family. He never meets a stranger and is always eager to meet new friends. He was potty/crate trained within a month and has surpassed every obedience class we took with him. Ayers cares and it truly shows. We are so thankful to have Franklin in our lives and couldn't be happier with our decision to go with ayers in finding our new family member. Thank you so much Janet and Keith for all that you do!!!!!

Jan 30th 2015

Terry Sovich Mullan

Dylan won our hearts the minute we brought him home! Thank you Janet Ayers! His parents are Eva and Dantes. He was 2 in August 2014. He is a joy. He's been through trainings and is starting on agility trainings. So smart and well behaved.

Jan 29th 2015

Meghan Hurley Feraco

We love our Rosie girl!!! She is such a sweet little nugget! She has such a cute personality!! Thank you Ayers Pampered Pets!!! (Aspen and Benny's)

Jan 29th 2015

Kim Long

Millie is the best pup!! Sweet, cuddly, and well mannered!! (Korra and Spanky )

Jan 29th 2015

Heidi Lehmkuhl

This is Lucy Lou. She is my best friend that I have ever had! Lucy is smart, funny and LOVES to play ball! Thank you Ayers Pampered Pets she is a sweet heart : ) (Aspen and Rudy's)

January 29th 2015

Gabrielle Saupe

Finnegan says, "cheese!"

Jan 31st 2015

Geneva Rose

This is Libby (Korra/Spanky puppy) at 8 weeks and now at 8 months! She loves to play in the backyard and go on walks through the neighborhood. You cannot hide a tennis ball from this girl! Thank you for such a sweet puppy. She is the perfect addition to our family!

Jan 31st 2014

Cortney Watkins

It has been almost a year since we brought Palmetto home and I never knew I could love a puppy so much! (Kira/Coby litter born in December 2013) She came to us potty trained (for the most part) and sleeping through the night except for an occasional evening potty break. She gets along very well with our cat and all other dogs. Is wonderful around children and is a HUGE cuddle bug! She loves to go on walks, runs, and hikes. She is learning to like the water and swimming. She has a fetish for socks, loves treats, and carrying her toys around. She is a very fast learner and can sit, lay down, shake, and give kisses. We need to work with teaching her how to not jump on people when they come over, but she will get there. Again, she has been such a joy in our lives. We could not have asked for a better dog - we love her so much!

January 29th 2015 Atlanta, Georgia