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Our Guarantee


Extensive Parent Health Checks:


   Many parents at Ayers Pampered Pets go back four generations on our property.



  We do:


  • Temperament testing and therapy done on each parent and puppy to ensure an intelligent, adaptable, trainable puppy that is well-rounded.


  • Regular Health scans done by a Certified Veterinarian who clears and tests for any abnormalities.


  • All poodles and golden retrievers are tested for PRCD (or in the process of testing on our younger ones).


  • All of our poodles are tested for vW 


  • Luxating Patella on all small breeds


  • OFA/PennHip on large breeds


  • Yearly vaccinations


  • Tons of exercise, socialization, love and attention!


We choose each of our parents for a reason: Their sweet personalities, very loving spirits and endearing temperaments.   


   All of our bloodline have gone through rigorous testing such as PennHip/OFA, PRA, PRCD, and temperament testing. This really shows through in their pups' fantastic health and people-loving personalities.


We also participated in a nationwide DNA survey to determine bloodline purity and rated top 5% in the country!!


  We pride ourselves not only on making national news but being vet-recommended. We can provide contact information for vets, if you would life to confirm this personally.


 At 8 weeks old, all of our puppies have had their shots, wormings, and health records are up to date. All of our puppies have had a thorough vet examination and are vet-approved to go to their new homes. We keep in close contact with our vet and are knowledgable and trained to notice every little detail of your future puppy's health. We are so certain about your puppy's health that we provide a 2 year warranty which you are welcome to read below.

Below are all the documents we offer upon receiving your puppy. We also offer our inspection reports here online, which have been consisently perfect. If you have any questions about the forms we offer below please ask us, as we would be happy to clarify or talk to you about any of them.



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