Available Poodles

If you are interested in reserving a puppy, now or in the future, please fill out our application.  We can only take deposits if we have received an application and have accepted your submission. Make sure to follow up your application with a phone call or email. 

Please read our visitation guideline if you have a deposit on a puppy or want to place one. This can help answer a lot of question for you and your family. Due to COVID 19 we have updated regulations and will only be accepting visits for puppy pickups.

 Daphne/Ralphie Medium Poodles   

Born: September 20th, 2021

Picking week/5 weeks old: October 25th-1st

Ready to go Home: November 15th-22nd

*Please make an appointment for both choosing a puppy and picking up your puppy. Our schedules fill up quickly so the earlier you can make the appointment, the better. 

Expected Weight: 25/35 lbs full grown

  3 Males   2 Female

Color:  Red with white markings

Price: $2200

Deposit: $600

*The deposit  price is included in the overall price, not added to it.

This is a litter of Medium/Moyen sized Poodles. We do not Doc our puppies tails so they have their full tails. Both parents have registration but we do not normally register our puppies since they go to pet homes. If you have questions about it though feel free to let us know in an email.


Daphne the Poodle Mother


Ralphie the Poodle Father


Blue Collar Boy

Blue Collar Boy

Pink Collar Boy

Pink Collar Boy

Black Collar Girl

Black Collar Girl

Yellow Collar Girl

Yellow Collar Girl

Daphne's  Deposits

1st Pick: Open
2nd Pick: Open


1st pick: Sold
2nd Pick: Sold


Patty & Bucky Cavapoos

Expected DOB: Sept 6th-15th

Expected Date to go Home:  Early to Mid November

Expected Weight: 10-15 lbs (possible, though unlikely, to get up to 18)

Color: Red or Red w/white Markings

Price: $1800

Deposit: $450

*The deposit  price is included in the overall price, not added to it.