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Why  Ayers Pampered Pets?



   We are located in Hull, Georgia, which is approximately 5 miles outside of Athens and about an hour and a half away from Atlanta. 
   Here at Ayers Pampered Pets our lives revolve around caring for dogs and your future puppy, and we have been raising puppies for over 30 years.
   From the time our puppies are born until we put them in your hands, we are constantly playing and caring for each and every puppy. Because of this, our dogs are known to have  very gentle, loving temperaments.
   We work together as a family to keep our parents and pups healthy, happy, well-exercised, pre-spoiled and pampered!

Extensive Parent Health Checks


Many of our parents at Ayers Pampered Pets go back four generations on our property, if not more. Each bloodline extends all the way back to international champtions! All parents are with us on our property. To ensure the health and qualtiy of each puppy we do the following.



  We do:


  • Temperament tesing and therapy done on each parent and puppy to ensure an intelligent, adaptable, trainable puppy that is well-rounded.


  • Yearly Inspections Reports passed perfectly


  • Vaccines stored and kept up to code and administered exactly on time.


  • Occasional visits from our vet to check on everyone


  • Regular Health scans done by a Certified Veterinarian who clears and tests for any abnormalities.


  • All poodles and golden retrievers are tested for PRCD

  • (or in the process of testing on our younger ones).


  • All of our poodles are tested for vW 


  • Luxating Platella on all small breeds


  • Ofa/PennHip on large breeds


  • Yearly Vaccinations, Shots, Wormings

What do you receive with your puppy?


  • A Two Year Warranty of health including hip dysplasia

  • Completely up-to-date on all shots/wormings 

  • A record of their health to show your vet

  • Temperament testing completed

  • A puppy care kit that includes:

    • collar & leash,

    • puppy training tips for house-breaking and obedience

    • A sample of their food (Fromm Classic Puppy)

    • A puppy-safe chew toy

  • Doggy door trained

  • Already going outside to potty

  • Microchip upon request (please tell us ahead of time)

  • Continued support and advice as your puppy grows


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