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Cavapoo Testimonials

Cavapoo Testimonials

Some of our babies with their new homes. To see even more pictures and feedback, please visit our facebook page.

Mark Evans

March 23rd 2016

Georgie, one of your cavapoos in Nashville!!

Merry Parker Whidby‎

March 21st 2016

Hi Janet! I wanted to share with you a picture of Baxley from last weekend! It's hard to believe he's already 5 months old. He's the sweetest! We are so in love!! 😊

Neia Stone Gwaltney‎

February 14th 2016

We love Lucy our sweet cavapoo!


Willa Orshan Rudzin‎

February 10th 2016

Just wanted to show you Cody (cavapoo) , who is now 9 and was from your litter on Jan 10, 2007 Charlie and Prissy. He's a great dog! We love him to pieces! — in Harrington Park, New Jersey.

Charlene Henderson

January 22nd 2016

Lucy the Cavapoo at 3 months old. We love her so much!

George Jackson

January 28th 2016

Here is a picture of our Cavapoo, Crimson. He is 18 months old and is a beloved member of our family. Everybody is always asking where we got him and we can't say Ayers Pampered Pets quick enough! We love our dog!!


October 19th 2015

Hi Janet


The puppies are doing great.  They had their "boy surgery" almost two weeks ago.  They have grown a lot, Mumford weighs 14 lbs and Bruno 13 lbs.  They are a bundle of love.  Hope you like the photo (Bruno is the one with the tongue sticking out)




Jackson Family

June 1st 2015

Janet, yesterday our baby Crimson turned 1. He is happy, healty, and handsome!! He is a robust 23lbs! He is one big Cavapoo. Thank you again for bringing him into our family. The Jacksons

Charlene Keating Henderson

June 1st 2015

22 pounder cutie!

Amanda Pearson

May 27th 2015

This is sweet sweet Gunner the day we picked him up and almost 7 months. He brings us so much joy and is the sweetest little guy! Can't imagine our lives without him. He was lovely/lil mac's litter! :))

Shelby Storey

April 25th 2015

I havent sent you pictures of Crosby recently. He is still our whole entire world, has such a cute little personality and so much fun! He has gotten pretty big--he is right around 30 lbs.

Lauren Hoffman

May 27th 2015

This is my Charlie bear and he is almost 3 years old!!! I can't believe it! He is a Sassy/Joey puppy and just as love able as ever!! Such a personality but also a huge cuddle bug! Thanks for producing such great puppies :-)

Joanne Krassenstein Jagodinski‎

April 12th 2015

Toby is 9 1/2 years old. We can't imagine our lives without this guy. Thank you Ayers Pampered Pets

Aura Ridenour

July 21st 2014

Sweeney and our granddaughter having summer fun together! He is 7 1/2 months and weighs 9 lbs. thanks again, Janet, for a wonderful puppy!

Lisa Hawkins

December 15, 2014 near Madison, GA

Merry Christmas from the Hawkins family! Waylon and Halle (cavapoos) have made our family complete!!

Todd & Tammy

January 8th 2014

Hi Janet & Keith,
Our beautiful Darby @ 4 months old. Honey/Cooper (Cavapoo) litter. She is a joy! She loves going to doggy daycare, she has lots of friends! She is a standout in puppy/training class as well.
Todd & Tammy )

Erin Hartman

Dec. 9th 2014

We absolutely adore our little sweetie! She has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives! Thank you Ayers!

Aura Reneau Ridenour‎

Dec 4th 2014

Sweeney celebrated his 1 yr birthday on Nov. 11! What a fun year we have had! He is a great traveler and enjoys playing with all the grandchildren!

Jodi Floersheim Rosenberg‎

Nov 12th 2014

Baxter had fun celebrating his first birthday! He's such a sweet dog!

Charlene Keating Henderson

November 7, 2014 near Waxhaw, NC

Here is our Cavapoo, Gibson at almost 6 months old. He is just the sweetest :)

Susannah Kinsey

Oct. 21st 2014

Kaibo. Son of Sandy and Ricky. Best dog ever!!!!!

George Jackson

August 19th 2014

Here is Crimson at 11 weeks. He is adorable and we love him dearly. Thanks Janet for this wonderful addition to our family. Now everyone is asking where Cavapoos come from......

Lisa Hurst

October 20, 2014 near Lithia Springs, GA

Janet this is Emma we got her in 2011 she is the sweetest little girl. We love her so much, everyone just loves her and they are always asking about her when we go out with her.

Jeanne Williams Baxter‎

Aug. 15 2014

Buddy is looking so grown up after his first trip to the groomer! (Mom, Petunia; Dad, Cooper)

Charlene Keating Henderson

August 12, 2014 near Charlotte, NC

Look who came home with me yesterday. Gibson! My boys are so happy. We drove 4 hours each way to get this cute little guy. Love him :)

Julia Cunningham

Nov 10th 2012

[He is] GREAT with kids!! and hypoallergenic too, my oldest has really bad allergies and seems ok with ours. Here is Charlie after his first grooming.

Terra Winter

June 3rd 2014

Our adorable cavapoo, Bear, and his best buddy, Luke, had a blast at Lake Sinclair. Bear is 6 months old today. We love him so much. In addition to trips to the lake, Bear also spends lots of time at Baseball Parks cheering on Luke's team (the Bears of course). Thanks for a wonderful puppy!!

Aura Ridenour

June 1st 2014

Mr. Sweeney at 5 months and 7.7 lbs! He is sweet, smart and is such a friendly little guy! Our 6 grandchildren love him and he loves playing with them!


Dec. 11th 2013

Hi Janet,
Just wanted to send you a couple pictures of Owen as we get ready for his first Christmas! He fits right into the family and he has such a great personality.
Hope you and your family have a great holiday season!

Connie Cavalier

Dec. 12 2013

Here is Finn at 5 months. Will be 8 months on Dec 21st. A joy!!!!

Hannah Feiten

May 28th 2014

We love Lily. She is the perfect addition to our family: fun, cuddly, and loving.

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