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Puppy Pre-K9 Camp 

Social Acclimation and Pre-Training Program

What is Puppy Pre-K9 Camp?
Its like Pre-K for your puppy! Your puppy will receive:
  • Extended time with strangers including children
  • Introduction to Leash-Training
  • Practice being house-trained
  • Exposure to crates as positive environments
  • Introduction to obedience training
  • Social interactions with other dogs and animals
  • Updates with pictures to send home to mom and dad!



How Does it Work?
We like all of our puppies to be picked up at 8 weeks old but sometimes your family's schedule isn't very flexible. The price to board a puppy can cost hundreds a day and he/she wont necessarily receive much attention during a very crucial time of growth.
Instead, let your puppy stay at Puppy Pre-K9 Camp! We will hold your puppy for up to 3 weeks past the 9 week mark (until the puppy is 12 weeks old) and during that time give them daily training, exposure to new experiences, and begin moulding their future. 
This camp is a perfect option for:
  • Families needing to pick up their puppy later than the 8 week mark. 
  • Families that would like a jump-start into their puppy's socialization and training.



What Will My Puppy Do?
  • Be taught and encouraged to use the bathroom outside
  • Go on long walks in different environments
  • Introduced to leashes and become more comfortable walking while on a leash
  • Play with new people and animals and explore the world!
  • Work on negative behaviors such as nipping/mouthing
  • Go for ear-flapping car rides
  • Introduced to obedience training
  • Exposed to crates as positive places
  • Send updates home to mom and dad about their progress at camp and tips for training once they go home. 


Mom, I want to go to Pre-K9 Camp!

How do I sign up?


Fill out the form below. We will only accept 5 puppies at a time to ensure they get the most 1 on 1 attention possible. 


Things to Know:

  1. Your puppy will need to be paid for in full by the 8 week mark. 

  2. Camp will be $75/day from the starting date until pick-up (no more than 3 weeks from starting date) 

  3. We will continue to administer your puppy's booster shots at 11 weeks of age.


Simple as that! And what becomes a convience for your family's busy schedule is now a once in a life time opportunity for your baby!


**Puppy Pre-K9 Camp is an acclimation/exposure program and does not guarantee that your puppy will be 100% obedience or house trained. But it does guarantee a starting education in training, exposure to new people and animals, hours of practice and hands-on work, excellent nutrition, exercise and a tail-wagging good time.  At 8 weeks old, he/she will officially be your puppy and  your family will be responsible  for any necessary vet bills your puppy accrues while at camp.**

Your details were sent successfully! We will get back with you ASAP!

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