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Norman, Happy in His New Home

Hi Janet!

As Norman (formally Toby) approaches his first birthday, I thought I would send you an update on how he has been doing. He's around 55 pounds now and has calmed down a little bit - although he still has a thing for carpet, stealing food off the kitchen table, and chewing up paper. He has become an avid bird watcher this spring and loves to chase them around our backyard, although he's all legs and looks a bit clumsy. Our 15 month old is constantly giving him hugs and he's very good with her. He goes to a wonderful daycare near our house twice a week so he can get his playtime in. He loves it. He went through a beginner and intermediate training class and then went on to pass his K-9 Good Citizen test. Eventually we'd like to try some agility or therapy work with him, but for now he's content living a life of leisure. Some pictures are attached (most of them are of him sleeping since that's about the only time he's still)! We love him!Thanks! Amanda

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